Lectio Divina Summary

Begin with Silence


1. Reading – Read the passage through slowly and attentively several times (out loud if possible), savoring the words and letting them sink in.  Write down any words or phrases that seem to stand out.


2. Meditation – Now begin to think about the words or phrases that stood out to you. Come in faith with the expectation that the Lord will speak to you. Ask him a question such as “What does this mean?” to help you reflect more deeply. You may also think about the passage through the eyes of the author or someone mentioned in the verses. Write down any insights that God gives you . 


3. Prayer – Prayer is a two-way conversation with the Lord. Respond from your heart to what he has been revealing to you in his Word, especially taking time to listen to what he may be saying to you personally. You may want to write out your prayer to God and anything he says to you.


4. Contemplation – At any time, when you begin to sense the presence of the Lord, stop any mental effort you are making and just rest in and enjoy his presence.  This is the time to savor the special moment of connection between you and God. Treasure God’s Word in your heart, and like Mary respond, “I am your servant. Be it done unto me according to your word” (Luke 1:38).  Remember that contemplation is a gift from God and not something we can do ourselves.


End with Action

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